Remix route modal with Framer Motion
Building a modal with a route and enter and exit animations using Remix and Framer Motion (and a bit of Tailwindcss)
Implement a keyboard shortcuts handler in typescript
In this post we'll look at a way to write your own keyboard shortcuts handler (similar to hotkeys.js), that will capture user input and execute callbacks, as needed
Remapping Caps Lock to Esc on Arch Linux
Remap Caps Lock to be an additional Esc key, and having both Shift keys act as Caps Lock instead
Deploying a Dockerized ASP.NET Core app using a PostgreSQL DB to Heroku
Setup and deployment of an ASP.NET Core app that is setup as a Docker container and uses PostgreSQL as a DB to Heroku from a git branch on Github
Setting up tailwindcss
Integrating Tailwind into an existing project with production optimizations